Don’t follow me either, I don’t seem to have a point.

I just read this great post by Teresa Boardman on Inman. You can find her link post here. I like to pride myself for being a total techno junkie and being ahead of the curve compared to most of my friends and colleagues in the Tulsa real estate market. I’m a total techno junkie. Seriously, there must be a 12-step program for people like me.

Anyway, I was reading her post and realized that even though I love technology and my friends and colleagues that know me call me the “Twitter Queen”, I really suck at consistently delivering a message. I am supposed to tweet and blog and create a “web presence” about real estate and about how I’m the greatest thing in real estate since we moved out of caves and into huts. And I tweet. I do. I just don’t see the point in tweeting about what I had for breakfast or tweeting daily mortgage rates unless it does something really, really cool.

The blog just doesn’t get the attention that I should be giving it. I blog about everything that I have an opinion about that I can talk about for more than 2 minutes. Wow, that happens about once a week, sometimes twice. I don’t like to write about just anything because if it bores me, it will bore you to read me being bored about whatever I’m writing about.

I also do the Facebook thing. I had a blast with it for a while and I played the games. But now my feed is inundated with my friends game updates. So-and-so accomplished this level in Mafia Wars or Whats-his-bucket wants to be your neighbor in Farmville. These days ignoring all the invites I get to play the games or join one of the hundreds of causes everyone sends for me to join in on takes all of my time when I’m on it. And don’t gasp about me ignoring invites. I accept all friend invites (unless they get naughty and then I delete them) and I’m sure you’ve deleted some game invite once or twice.

What I do tweet and blog and post on my Facebook are, are things that interest me. Whether its about real estate, the latest trends in paint, my latest car project (yes, girls like cars too), or about other jobs and friends businesses that I’m involved in. It sounds boring even to me.

What I’d really like to create is another networking group. I helped create one this time last year and it evolved into something I no longer enjoyed. I love all of this electronic media to network, but it isn’t the same as a good old fashioned face-to-face conversation. So I’m putting out the call again. I want to start another FREE networking group. No paid advertising, no official websites. Just good people networking to meet other new and interesting people for free. We’ll move it around town each week to support local businesses. Ooo, that could be the theme, supporting local businesses. Locally owned franchises would be good too. And we could change the hours every week because some people can’t make it during work hours and some people can’t do it at night. So we can change it around and make it available to everyone.

Please comment if you think this is a good idea or tell me your ideas if you would like to contribute to this brainstorm.

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