Ok, so I’ve committed myself to blog every day and I haven’t been doing it as much as I told myself I would. Grrr… First I had a problem with coming up with ideas to blog about. Now I’ve just decided that I AM NOT INTERESTING! I can write all I want, but even to me, it’s boring as hell! I have hundreds of topics to write about but nothing seems to come out eloquent or entertaining. If I wouldn’t read it, why would you is what I’m thinking when I try to do this. Even this entry has already been deleted about 6 times and rewritten. This is so frustrating but I swear that I’m gonna keep doing it until I get good at this. Is there a bootcamp for bloggers? Is there some place where I can go and get ths snot beaten out of me until I am a better writer or maybe even get a life interesting enough to blog about?

I mean, seriously, I can’t blog about what color socks I decided to wear today or what I plan on cooking for supper. Who reads that anyway? I like thought provoking stuff, but honestly, I only come up with a thought provoking thought every few months at best. So in between those shining moments of brilliance, I apologize in advance for my many moments of dull, dry, boring… whatever the hell it is that I write.


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