I’m moving…

I’ve sold my house and I’m packing up, so it just seems right to move the blog too. Ok, that doesn’t make any sense at all, but I’m doing it anyway. I really like the wordpress blog setup, but I found another home for my blog that I like better. So you can now find me at http://brentatro.blogspot.com I hope to see you there. I’ll still write about all the crazy crap that goes on and the things that I find interesting. Ok, am turning into a pumpkin now. TTFN.

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Another Random Rambling…

So I signed up with ProBlogger for 31 days to help me write to this blog on a daily basis. Did it happen? No. Did I even bother to read the emails on a daily basis? No again. I did however save each of those emails and neatly store them away for safe keeping so I can refer back to them later. Does that help me write? Not really. So I say to myself, “BAD blogger! Bad, bad blogger!”

I also started up the networking thing again. I’m really excited to get it going, but have I been beating the bushes like I should to get people to show up? Ok, yeah, I have been doing that a bit, but not as annoyingly car salesman-like like I know I should. So currently, I’m planning on having the next one on Monday (January 4th at 6pm in Owasso, OK at Baja Jacks Burrito Shack). OMG, you have got to check out their BYOB, Build Your Own Burrito. It says to ask for as much or as little as you want, they put it together for you and viola! Magic! I only warn you of the jalapeno, if you request them, the cooks don’t seem to understand the term “lite” or “easy”.  Am just sayin. Anyway, I’m geeked to see who shows up. Everyone’s always very helpful and I have a bunch of cards for other people I have met during the holidays that haven’t been able to make it yet. Of course, me handing you a card for someone to refer services when you haven’t asked for them or met them isn’t the same as meeting them yourself, but hey, I liked ’em.

Oh, good grief, here I go again. I’m rambling without a point. It’s after midnight and Allen and I have been running all day long locksmithing, so I guess I’m allowed to be a little off. Besides, at least I’m writing something.

I remember now, I was going to complain about Facebook. I keep getting invites to be a fan of this group or that business or some random person. Even I have a fan page. I don’t have any fans, but I have a page, just in case someone wants to pet my ego. But I guess my issue is that if I ignore the invite it doesn’t exactly tell you that I ignored you, yet I get dozens of irritating invites from you. You see, I am fine and actually welcome getting befriended by just about everyone. Hell, I have almost 300 friends now. Most of you I have personally met at some point or another and I like and respect you. But for me to become a fan on your fan page or cause, I have to really believe in whatever it stands for. I mean, its like politics and religion for me. I’m going to be in one of three positions; “I’m behind you all the way,” “I think you’ve lost yer damn mind” (those are rare), or “sorry, but I just don’t care enough about the subject to become a “fan” of it. So, rarely do I become a fan of anything. I’m a fan of Keller Williams Realty, Keller Cares Charity, and anything that has to do with Cancer, particularly cervical cancer. So I guess my conundrum is that I’m not sure of a PC way of telling someone to please stop sending me invites to their cause or for their business. I’m in sales. I really don’t believe in the cram it down your throat until you buy into it kind of sales tactics.

I know that my sales tactics are gonna keep me in the poor house long before it ever saves me, but I actually believe in customer service and having a relationship with my clients. This brings up two points. 1) My personality is sort of an acquired flavor. Either you really, really like my brutal honesty or I annoy the ever-living [enter favorite obscenity here] out of you. 2) I feel like I’m one of only a handful of people like me in the service industry that treats what I do as an actual service industry position. For example, go to any retail establishment. Any of them, just pick one. Observe the cashiers. Do they smile? Do they make you feel welcome? Do they go out of their way to inform you on the product that you are in search of or even bother to ask if this is the product you really need to fit what you want to do with it? What happened to the customer service industry? Perhaps I’m naive, but I think this has become a gimmick for the majority and mastered by very few.

Ack, sorry, I got on my rambling soapbox again. That’s it. I’m shuttin’ up now. Perhaps I’ll have a point to my ramblings next time.


Don’t follow me either, I don’t seem to have a point.

I just read this great post by Teresa Boardman on Inman. You can find her link post here. I like to pride myself for being a total techno junkie and being ahead of the curve compared to most of my friends and colleagues in the Tulsa real estate market. I’m a total techno junkie. Seriously, there must be a 12-step program for people like me.

Anyway, I was reading her post and realized that even though I love technology and my friends and colleagues that know me call me the “Twitter Queen”, I really suck at consistently delivering a message. I am supposed to tweet and blog and create a “web presence” about real estate and about how I’m the greatest thing in real estate since we moved out of caves and into huts. And I tweet. I do. I just don’t see the point in tweeting about what I had for breakfast or tweeting daily mortgage rates unless it does something really, really cool.

The blog just doesn’t get the attention that I should be giving it. I blog about everything that I have an opinion about that I can talk about for more than 2 minutes. Wow, that happens about once a week, sometimes twice. I don’t like to write about just anything because if it bores me, it will bore you to read me being bored about whatever I’m writing about.

I also do the Facebook thing. I had a blast with it for a while and I played the games. But now my feed is inundated with my friends game updates. So-and-so accomplished this level in Mafia Wars or Whats-his-bucket wants to be your neighbor in Farmville. These days ignoring all the invites I get to play the games or join one of the hundreds of causes everyone sends for me to join in on takes all of my time when I’m on it. And don’t gasp about me ignoring invites. I accept all friend invites (unless they get naughty and then I delete them) and I’m sure you’ve deleted some game invite once or twice.

What I do tweet and blog and post on my Facebook are, are things that interest me. Whether its about real estate, the latest trends in paint, my latest car project (yes, girls like cars too), or about other jobs and friends businesses that I’m involved in. It sounds boring even to me.

What I’d really like to create is another networking group. I helped create one this time last year and it evolved into something I no longer enjoyed. I love all of this electronic media to network, but it isn’t the same as a good old fashioned face-to-face conversation. So I’m putting out the call again. I want to start another FREE networking group. No paid advertising, no official websites. Just good people networking to meet other new and interesting people for free. We’ll move it around town each week to support local businesses. Ooo, that could be the theme, supporting local businesses. Locally owned franchises would be good too. And we could change the hours every week because some people can’t make it during work hours and some people can’t do it at night. So we can change it around and make it available to everyone.

Please comment if you think this is a good idea or tell me your ideas if you would like to contribute to this brainstorm.

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ProBlogger Challenge

Alright, I concede. I suck at writing a blog. I have lots of opinions about this or that, but I erase everything I write. Either I lose the passion to get that particular message out or I feel like the message is delivered too harshly.

So, I’ve signed up with ProBlogger for a 31 day challenge to become a better blogger. You can too and it’s totally free if you go to: http://www.problogger.net/31-days-to-build-a-better-blog-join-9100-other-bloggers-today/ and join up. They will email your daily challenge and you follow it. It sounds simple enough to me.

Besides, the worst that could happen is I could alienate the 3 whopping people that ever click on my blog. Don’t get me wrong, I love those three for bearing with me. Now I just want to be a better blogger so they can have something worthy of their loyalty.


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Ok, so I’ve committed myself to blog every day and I haven’t been doing it as much as I told myself I would. Grrr… First I had a problem with coming up with ideas to blog about. Now I’ve just decided that I AM NOT INTERESTING! I can write all I want, but even to me, it’s boring as hell! I have hundreds of topics to write about but nothing seems to come out eloquent or entertaining. If I wouldn’t read it, why would you is what I’m thinking when I try to do this. Even this entry has already been deleted about 6 times and rewritten. This is so frustrating but I swear that I’m gonna keep doing it until I get good at this. Is there a bootcamp for bloggers? Is there some place where I can go and get ths snot beaten out of me until I am a better writer or maybe even get a life interesting enough to blog about?

I mean, seriously, I can’t blog about what color socks I decided to wear today or what I plan on cooking for supper. Who reads that anyway? I like thought provoking stuff, but honestly, I only come up with a thought provoking thought every few months at best. So in between those shining moments of brilliance, I apologize in advance for my many moments of dull, dry, boring… whatever the hell it is that I write.


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Random Thought #1

Watching CSI and a guy commits suicide in front of another character. The guy that seen the act makes a comment about being the last eyes looked into and a thought occurred to me. If your eyes are the last eyes looked into before a desperate person takes their own life, it makes me wonder if the desperate person seen saw salvation in those eyes or if they saw damnation.

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