What to look for in a Realtor

Here is a list of things to consider when trying to decide on a Realtor.

1) Someone local. BEFORE you choose a Realtor, ask them where they operate their business. I am licensed in the State of Oklahoma and technically, I can help you buy and sell anywhere within this state. But just because I can, does not mean that I am an expert of every inch of every county. And just because someone offices from one location does not mean that they are not an expert in another location nearby. Ask, you may be surprised by how much your Realtor really does know about the community.

2) Someone you are comfortable with. Remember, you may be working with this person for several months.

3) Someone who doesn’t have a billion clients to serve besides you. We all want to get our questions answered in a timely fashion, but if your Realtor is running around trying to serve too many people, how much time are they going to have to dedicate to your needs?

4) Someone who will communicate well with you. Find a Realtor you can contact in several different ways. Email, text messaging, phone calls, etc. There are just too many different ways to get your needs met and your Realtor should be able to meet those needs. Just remember, Realtors are people too. Please don’t call after 8pm unless it’s an emergency or you have an appointment. Realtors have families, personal responsibilities, errands and hobbies too.

5) Someone who is tech savvy. Top Realtors utilize technology  to help them stay informed and to communicate with their clients. E-mail, smart phones, electronic newsletters, websites, digital photography and video allow agents to share properties that they’ve previewed, provide feedback and keep clients updated on developments.

6) Someone with character, has integrity, rapport, and is trustworthy! Remember, you may be working with this person for some time and you want to be compatible. Choose someone with passion, creativity, enthusiasm. Talk to more than one Realtor. You may like more than one but choose the one that you think will do the best job for your money.

Purchasing a home or selling your home should be about you. As personable as your Realtor may be, they are providing a service for you. Choose wisely.

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